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Feathers in the Dorsoduro

District map:

D1: On a pole jutting out from a building at the north side of the garden Carnival celebration.

D2: On a beam attached to a rather imposing building on the southern edge of the district.

D3: On top of a mast on the ship moored next to the fast-travel stall.

D4: On a beam above an arched enclosure and over the water.

D5: On a planks-and-beams bridge between two buildings.

D6: On a beam between two buildings, above a narrow street.

D7: On a beam near the mouth of a canal.

D8: On another beam overlooking yet another canal.

D9: On a beam sticking out of a corner of a building, right on the waterfront.

Feathers in the Castello

District map:

CS1: On a beam almost directly above a blacksmith’s shop.

CS2: On top of a scaffold near a bridge.

CS3: On the west side of this building, just east of the border between Castello and San Marco.

CS4: On top of a rickety-looking wooden canopy above a bridge.

CS5: Near the entrance to the Arsenale, on a beam above a canal.

CS6: On a beam connected to a low building, surrounded by three cranes dangling platforms.

CS7: On a wooden beam overlooking a little courtyard.

CS8: On a planks-and-beams bridge connecting two buildings near the northwest corner of the Arsenale.

CS9: On a beam connected to a tower at the northeast corner of the Arsenale; the quickest way to get to it is to climb the buildings directly to its east.

CS10: On a beam hanging just to the north of a tailor’s shop.

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