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Challenge List Guide

One Star Challenges

Trigger a x2 multi-ball
Really simply. After you've hit the first single ball four times against the back panel, it'll split into two.

Hit 15 balls in one game
Again, this is really easy. Hitting the same ball multiple times counts. You should get this with the first 30 seconds of the game.

Do an upward swing to hit a fast ball
As the title says - Do an upward swing. Doing so will speed the ball up and cause it to be a "fast ball".

Return the ball to the mascot twice - Cumulative.
This only unlocks by playing two games. Simply return the ball back to the back panel right at the start. Then repeat in another session.

Reach a score of 20
You should reach this with ease. You can do it with one ball or multiple, it's up to you. Just make sure you hit a score of 20 before you lose.

Keep 2 balls in play for 5 seconds
A second ball will be introduced at 4 hits of the back panel with one ball. Once there's two, just keep an eye on the colours and keep them active for 5 seconds.

Do a downward swing to hit a slow ball
Do the opposite to the upward swing and swing downwards. Kind of like slicing the ball. Doing so will turn it into a "slow ball".

Return 2 balls at the same time
This is a little luck based. You'll first need to have two balls on the court and then hope both bounce back the same way. Move your hands into position and hopefully they'll hit the racket with a split second or so of each other.

Play a single game for over 30 seconds
This shouldn't cause you any issues. Simply keep the ball(s) in play until the challenge unlocks. If having multiple balls in play is proving to be hard, let a few pass by.

Hit a total of 100 balls - Cumulative.
Simply just keep playing and this will unlock.

Return a red, then a yellow ball
This should come naturally. The first ball thrown will be red, and when it splits into two, the second will be yellow. With a bit of luck, the red will come back to you first followed by the yellow.

Return a red and yellow ball at the same time
Requires a bit of luck, but very similar to the above challenge.

Trigger a x3 multi-ball
To reach a x3 multi-ball you'll first need a x2 multi-ball on the court. Once you've got two balls on the court, get five returns to split one to obtain a third.

Reach a score of 55
You should reach this quite early on at the start of a game. Don't miss any balls and about halfway through the x2 multi-ball you should get the score.

Cross your arms to hit a red and yellow ball at once
Again, luck based. Once you hit a x2 multi-ball, one will be red while the other yellow. Simply wait and hope that the red heads left while the yellow heads right. If so, cross your arms and hit both balls to complete the challenge.

Pass a score of 40 while on a x2 multi-ball or higher
This shouldn't be too hard. You can reach a score above 44 with a x2 multi-ball, but if you manage to reach a x3 you'll get it no problem.

Return 30 balls in one game
This will most likely require you to get up to a x3 multi-ball. Once you reach that and you don't miss any, it'll come fast. If x3 is proving hard, let one ball pass and continue with two.

Return 2 red balls at the same time
Same as the other return challenges, this will require a bit of luck. You'll probably have to get to x3 multi-ball to have a chance of having three red balls no the court.

Hit a total of 40 x2 multi-balls - Cumulative.
As stated, this is cumulative over all your games. So simply keep playing.

In one game slow down 2 red balls and speed up 2 yellow balls
Fast balls you swing upwards and slow balls you swing downwards. To get this out of the way fast, do the fast balls right at the start on the first ball. Then when it splits into two, do the downwards movement on the yellow as soon as you can.

This way you won't have to worry about having a lot more balls on the court and getting confused at what one is where and losing your game.

Reach a score of 100
Simply concentrate and keep an eye on what colour is where. Having more balls on the court at one time will make it go faster, but may prove harder. If it gets a little too frantic, lose a ball or two and concentrate on the ones you have.

Hit 40 balls in one game
Same as above. More balls will make this go faster, but if it's proving to be too hard, let a few pass.

Pass a score of 60 while on a x2 multi-ball or higher
By the time you get around 60 points you shouldn't be on a single ball. By this time you should be on x2 if you're trying to slow the game down or at least x3.

Hit a fast ball, then slow ball, then fast ball
Do this on the very first ball. As soon as it gets to you, do an upwards spin. Once it returns, follow up with a downwards swing and then finally another upwards.

Two Star Challenges

Hit 4 fast balls in one game
Real simply. Do an upwards spin on the very first ball and you'll get this within seconds.

Play for 20 seconds without dropping a ball
This challenge will unlock while you're one a x2 multi-ball. Playing the game for 20 seconds shouldn't cause you any issues.

Hit 7 yellow slow balls in one game
The best way to do this is on the first yellow ball you get when you first get the x2 multi-ball. If done right, you should get between 4/5 slow balls (downward swing) before you hit the x3 multi-ball. If x3 is proving too hard to get the last slow balls in, let one pass by you.

Trigger a x3 multi-ball without losing a ball
You'll need to get a few hits to get a x3 multi-ball. Four at the start, then five returns on the x2 multi-ball. After you've done that, a third ball will be introduced.

Trigger a x4 multi-ball
Once you trigger a x3 multi-ball, hit each ball five times in a row to trigger the a x4 multi-ball.

Play for 40 seconds without dropping a ball
Simply play for 40 seconds without missing a shot. If you are finding it hard with the multi-balls on the court, try and use slow balls or let some pass by.

Play a single game for over 60 seconds
Very similar to the other time based challenges. Slow the balls down if possible or left some pass by you to have less on the court.

Hit a red and yellow ball at once 3 times - Cumulative.
This is the same as the one mentioned above, but you just need to do it three times. Note that is not all in one game, even though you should get it in one.

Keep 3 balls in play for 10 seconds
Once you reach the x3 multi-ball, just concentrate on the coloured balls. In most cases and for a fair few seconds after the x3 split. The red ball(s) should bounce back to the right and the yellow ball(s) should stay to the left.

Trigger a x3 multi-ball twice in once game
Really simply way of doing this. Get to the x3 and as soon as you can, let one of the balls pass. Now return the x2 five more times to split them again and the challenge will unlock.

Hit a total of 200 balls - Cumulative.
Simply keep playing the game and this will come naturally.

Hit 1 fast ball, then 2 slow balls, then 3 fast balls
Again, do this right at the start. You should get this just as you hit a x2 multi-ball.

Reach a total score of 450 - Cumulative.
Simply keep playing the game. If you can get this if you play by the third game you play if you get some good scores.

Return 75 balls in one game
Repeat what I've mentioned above. Having more balls on the court will help and make this go faster! If it gets too busy, let a few pass.

Perform a total of 40 fast balls - Cumulative.
Again, just keep playing the game. If you swing upwards for each hit, you'll get this in no time.

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