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All Day Boosting Session, Sunday (or 6 days from today)

Hello fellow GearHeads/Completionists.. It's been about a year since I've last played on live/this account and I'm looking to get back into it.. Due to the next GOW (judgment), I'm attempting to organize Gears Achievement boosting for 1,2,3.

This SUNDAY (or 6 days from now .. Jan 27th EST USA) I'm looking to Organize GOW 1 Achievement Boosting sessions.. Multiplayer wep achievements, A series of Tubes(hosting 50matches achievements), and once completed.. grinding towards seriously.. This will be an All Day Event starting at 7am est (if you cant participate all day, it's quite alright).

Hit me up on XBOX LIVE please.. Gamertag XxRPGxXLEGEND.
All Questions, comments or concerns will be responded too.. Thanks!
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