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Thanks, Hybridchld. I did the same thing myself on Easy and Normal difficulties and got roughly the same numbers.

There is practically no difference doing the missions on Easy or Normal except:

Episode 6, Chapter 2: All The Secrets on Easy
Grunt Slayer - 29
Grunt Imperial Slayer - 8
Grunt Ultra Slayer - 0

Episode 6, Chapter 2: All The Secrets on Normal
Grunt Slayer - 16
Grunt Imperial Slayer - 13
Grunt Ultra Slayer - 5

On average, I got 5 Knight Commander kills on Episode 6, Chapter 5 but I always let the watchers respawn knights, except on Legendary. The counts were 5 (two games on easy), 4 (normal), 6 (heroic), and 6 (legendary). This seems the best level for Knight Commander kills so far and the rate is better if you play on Easy. I'm still holding out boosting this commendation until all the levels are released. At 15 kills an hour, it would take a painful 22 hours of grinding for me to max out the Knight Commander commendation (I have 327 kills to go). I already maxed out the backstab commendation the painful way but Episode 6, Chapter 3 would have been great for this with all the sleeping grunts at the start.

I also have my own spreadsheet - we all some nerds!

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