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Originally Posted by Super Geek No1 View Post
What's your PC specs?
It's pretty dated now but has lasted me well.

Q6600 Quad 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM, 512MB GeForce GPU.

Built this system for and shortly after Gears PC released. There is some room to overclock but I haven't even yet bothered looking into that. Although it's not everyday I try running the same game more than once simultaneously!

One solution I did think of and did in fact try in Player match recently was;.. 2 vs 3, start the match, it's a bit all over the place, hit Alt+Tab, Switch User, and then disconnected and log off the extra player on my team, thus making it 1 vs 3.

The player disconnections only happen during the loading screen after match end. So I can do the long 1 round KOTH as suggested in this guide, start the match, then when everyone spawns in, just remove the players on my team, thus making it playable.

I want to try and do that in a 3 v. 3 situation, I am hoping it works.

Do you know if it affects achievements if players leave the game? I am thinking Player match (Not So Serious) will likely be fine, but what about Ranked which requires min. 3 vs 3? Once the the Ranked game starts that should be the Ranked Seriously requirement fulfilled I would assume, thus leaving me free to remove players and play a long ass round for a few hundred kills until boredom kicks in.

Do you forsee any problem here Seriously & Not So Serious wise in the removal of players? Thanks for the help thus far btw!

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