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1. Level System:
For completing games in all modes and completing ingame challenges you get XP. But you don't level your characters (Survivors are always the same and have the same abilities). With incresing level you unlock new mutators, customisation options, new campaigns, survival and scavenge maps.

2. Customisation options
Make it so we can select different mutators, like disable certain SIs, disable certain weapons, turn melee fatigue on/off, remove flashlight, ... there is a shitload of options

3. Survivor editor
Create your own survivor

4. Audio logs
The AI director randomly places audiologs/videos/diaries/newspapers/... into the game world. These drive a story but to not disrupt the gameplay flow you just collect them and view them from the main menu

5. More campaigns

6. Map editor
An easy to use map editor with functions to share and rate other peoples levels

My ideas for new campaigns:

Red Water: Beach vacation resort with aqua zoo, shipwrecks and a lighthouse
Hard Grinder: Junkyard and Factory setting with lots of environmental hazzards
Ice Cap: Going up a mountain with forest, a lodge, caves and in the later levels the snowy top with blizzards and other icy hazzards
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