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I wish that it was true that you only had to play one route on hard, but it's not. There's achievements for completing both routes on hard, which is really stupid (Anarchy Reigns is an Oxymoron and Mad Anarchy).
If you mean you would have to do the whole game over again on hard, then you don't, that is what the guide was referring to and what the person above said. Once you finished the game on hard and got clear hard achievement and again for clear white achievement go under stage select and finish the missions that are missing medals for the difficulties you didn't start on. ex started white hard. missing black hard clear. so what I do is complete stage 4 mission 3(black) and black-red side. this will count as finishing the game starting hard black. and vice versa for normal opposite color of what i started on hard. It's confusing but overall you do 2 playthroughs: normal of first color and hard of opposite color.
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