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Originally Posted by OwnbyOmmar View Post
Alright so I started the game recently, got about 125 emblems and before I was going to get the other 5 emblems through chao race, I went for the 60 missions instead.

I finished my 60th mission and was sad to see no achievement come up so I immediately went on the forums and saw that it was glitched AND THAT THE METAL SONIC ONE WAS TOO!!!!

I am pretty much not going to even finish the game now. Worse part is that these problems have been going on for a long time now and its 2013 now with no solution.

Very, Very upset.

Although I did do Sonic Adventure 2 and got all of the achievements with no problem so feel free to play that 1
The worst part is that it WAS fixed. It's a disgrace that they could mess it up again.
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