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Originally Posted by demonizer_andy View Post
its something that breaks me when it comes to gaming, why they do it or even try it is beyoned me, worse still is the amount of achievements they tie to them forcing you to play it....

if i want multiplayer il play battlefield/gears of war and the likes....

tomb raider always has been a single player game, co-op i do not mind in games, some games il only play if co-op is active, but far too many games are tacking on multiplayer now to try and force sales and milk out add ons on the XBLA, the darkness was my first real experience of this, fantastic game in my eyes but then there was a truly awful multiplayer game tacked on, bioshock was good at the time, then the 2nd came out and wow another tacked on multiplayer game that nobody wanted to play, then assassins creed now tomb raider...

i know you dont have to play if you dont want, but with so many achievements attached to it it makes you feel you have to but 9 times outta 10 you have to do it almost instantly as after a month or so nobody is playing anymore....
I agree with this. I don't see the point in RPG's and strong story driven games needing a MP. I'm thinking of games such as Assassin Creed, Bio Shock, Fable, Mass Effect, and the up cumming Dragon age 3 Inquisition. the only one of these franchise's I don't have a problem with is Mass Effect and with there MP achievements also have a means of getting them in campaign.

Now I am one of those people who look up the achievements before I get the game's because I am lucky if I can afford one new game a year and most games I get I get when they have been out for years and I don't want a game were I am going to be struggling to find people to grind the achievements with.
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