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Originally Posted by ScottHarris View Post
I'm sorry but i can't agree with the story being one of the best. Where the hell did all the characters go ? you would have thought with the planet breaking apart like that they rest of the characters would somehow have got involved. That was my ONLY real problem with the game.
You should never dig too deep into a Sonic Story :P After all, I thought the moon was blown up in Sonic Adventure 2 but hey, it's alive again. And where's Angel Island on this world map?

I can see what you mean with the characters, but I'm fine with it actually. It would have been better with Shadow and Knuckles probably but that's all the characters i would have liked to see in this game.

Besides, I didn't say the story was good, I said it was one of the best. Mainly because the other Sonic games don't really have a good story too :P Though I didn't hate the story

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