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I beat a couple of levels in the campaign and then quit playing for like 2 years so I'm missing pretty much everything. These are the ones I'm focused on...

Standing here, beside myself
Beat the Meatflag
It's Good to be the King
You Go ahead, I'll be fine

Those are the 4 achievements I'm focused on for now as they're the only ones in the original 1000G that cannot be attained either with bots or a second controller. I have all the Map packs, but I'll do those later. If anyone would help, that would be awesome. My mic is a broken piece of crap right now, so communication would have to be through text ...Also, I'm online pretty frequently. If I'm offline, just friend request me with a message and i'll get to it when I get on.

In return of course, I'll help with any achievements you need help with. GT: eXhaustance

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