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I'm new to The Witcher, but it's a great game mostly.
I understand immersion in a game, but some quests are just way too vague. It says find a book on certain monsters to learn more about them - but no direction on where or who to the get the book from. I finally find the guy, but there's no indication on the map or anything like that. How was I to know I had to find the guy hiding in his house who doesn't show up on the map.
The minimap layout is awful, and the drinking potions before battle seems silly. You should be able to use the potions IN battle when you need them - not trying to guess what you'll be facing next.
I understand RPG difficulty curves, and I'm not one to die in a game and scream "it's too hard, this is impossible. " It's a learning experience, and I get that.
I think with a little fine tuning this could have been an absolutely amazing game. Instead, it's just a good game with a few minor problems.
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