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Radio Silence Collectible Guide

There's 16 radios (thanks to icelvin TP for confirming). You must collect them all on both difficulties. They are located in the same location on both difficulties. You can destroy the radio, get to a checkpoint, quit and it will count. (Thanks Funkyboy K!)

Level 1 - At the end when you are instructed to blow up the red barrel to destroy the car, take cover and look on the ground to the right. The radio is located there. (Credit to Kill The Noise)

Level 2 - After you exit the boat you'll go up some stairs. When you go up the last set of stairs to your right will be 5 enemies. Behind them on some boxes is the radio. (Credit to Kill The Noise)

Level 3 - As soon as the level begins and right after you finish spraying down the area with the turret, you will head in to an area with a group of 3 people in it. After you kill them and turn to the right, the radio will be on the left next to some boxes. (Credit to Rep)

Level 4 - Right after turning your Night Vision on for the first time, you will turn right and face a group of enemies inside a courtyard. The radio is right in front of you on the ground. (Credit to Rep)

Level 6 - After entering the mine and dodging the minecart, you will enter a large area with a few enemies. After killing the first group, you will head to your left and fight a few more. The radio is on top of some large boxes behind one of the enemies. (Credit to Rep)

Level 7 - During the middle of the mission and after killing all of the enemies while controlling the turret, you will soon come to an area where there's another tank. You will notice it, then quickly run down into a dark area with a few enemies. At the end of that small hut, you will turn right facing a few more enemies. The radio is on top of a few boxes on the left. (Credit to Rep)

Level 9 - When sniping, it's behind/above the first group of enemies on a box.

Level 12 - After you go into the room where you have to destroy some panels for the first time you'll exit that room and the next area a door will open up. Take cover to the right and you'll see the radio sitting right in front of you.

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