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Tomb raider single and multiplayer event!!


Hi, my first write up im soooo excited ha-ha ok enough of that, so I recently got an invite to an event in Soho London to listen to a conference from single and multiplayer producers and to go hands on with the brand new TOMB RAIDER.

I was very excited to receive the email with the invite, was jumping up and down like a kid sitting next to my girlfriend, she got scared a bit but I was happy, didn’t care! Lol, so on the Wednesday I grabbed my cousin and headed on up to the event, after taking a few detours we arrived at the massive luxurious hotel… I thought I was in the wrong place of course dressed in my tatty jeans and t-shirt, asked the man on the door with his top hat (yea I know a top hat!!) and he said I was at the right place, so I smiled politely shook his hand with a pound coin and said thank you…. Joking by the way although would have been hilarious ha-ha.

I really should keep my mind set, so the event and game in general first off was the conference from game director Daniel Bisson, he spoke abit about the story how it starts as Lara croft starting her ascent from a frightful young woman to a hardened survivor we know her as of today! She is armed only with her instincts and her passion and ability to push forward beyond the limits of human endurance, Lara fights to survive and explore the dark history of the forgotten island to escape its hold. I know pretty powerful words from the man himself. So after a brief presentation we saw a trailer which blew my mind, you know when your watching a film with so much action you are on the edge of your seat smiling waiting for the next part to see what happens I was like that through the whole trailer was mental!! Then Came Joe Khoury the producer of the multiplayer, he had some stepping up to do after first presentation, but so he began explaining a bit about the multiplayer, how it came from and was thought about after the coop of the Xbox live arcade game which was ‘Lara Croft and the guardian of light’ I played through this with my girlfriend on coop which we both loved. So they set about how to create this multiplayer game work with the legendary Licence Tomb Raider. They were clever with this they used the single player story where Lara crashes on this island as a starting point, with the islands inhabitant’s (scavengers) vs. the survivors vs. of course the island itself. After which he explained a bit about the game modes, first off was the inevitable TEAM_DEATHMATCH then there was the whole new game mode survivors vs. the scavengers, the scavengers had to take out the survivors after which they had to execute a melee up close kill to add the point to their score and the survivors had to search for the med kits which are randomly placed across the map and take to a drop point. Scavengers need 20 melee executions to win and survivors need to retrieve 5 med kits.

After the presentation’s was the Q&A session 1st question up was, how do they respond to the whole (I use this word lightly cause it is very disturbing to some people you could say) “rape” scene of a strong character Lara? This was quickly put to rest but I don’t want to say how cause its part of the game play story! But rest-assure this scene does not exist! 2nd question was, about how they wish to add DLC to an island you are free to explore. Answer was an island is ever changeable, new things happen, new areas are uncovered and for example we have a World war 2 plane crashed on the island there is so much more to the island we can use. That was it for the Q&A now it was time for me to go hands on!!! OH forgot to mention each of us that was at the event got a limited edition of 400 lithographs which im going to cherish forever! Ha-ha im not joking!

So my hands on experience:

Started a new game and jumped straight to a cut scene I did not see a difficulty section I don’t think although I was pretty excited to just play almost skipped opening scene a few times L but I didn’t don’t worry! So we start off dangling in the air upside down in a cave after doing a bit find our self on a pretty linear path where we come to a puzzle a small but took me a little while puzzle lol. The surroundings were amazing and graphics were crisp and clean and game play was smooth no bumping into things and getting stuck. Daniel Bisson was pretty keen on letting the designers not let this happen!! And what I saw they done a good job. Soon we found ourselves making camp from the rain making a fire and watching a play back on a camcorder. After a short cut scene rain has stopped now time to find food! We venture down another pretty linear path to a open area, we need to find something to hunt with we find a man dangling from the tree with a bow attached so we have our trusty bow now time to hunt! Lara has an ability in which she can scan area for important objects to interact with which does come in useful but also doesn’t give anything away. We have our food now time to head back to camp. This is where my game play ended I could of continued but felt plenty of eyes in back of my head wanting ago J

Now time to try multiplayer which I was a bit hesitant about as it is tomb raider after all a single player game, We played 3 rounds per game best of 2 started off as scavengers game reminded me abit like uncharted multiplayer game play. So I set off in this quite a small map but there are so many directions to take, zip lines everywhere and people running around. BOMB first kill I run up and tap (y) to melee finish nice little cut scene every melee kill J so we win that round! 20 kills to 3 med kits retrieved.


Glad I got picked J

So we set off as scavengers first and get slaughtered 5 med kits received to I think 6 kills L now lets try being survivors now, we WIN yes!!!! 5 med kits received to 16 kills were close but thanks to my 4 med kit drops we win now final round!!! Survivors again!! Yes I thought! But no it ended horribly ha-ha 16 kills down and 1st med kit dropped ended 20 kills to 1-drop horrible defeat L

So yea that was my Tomb raider event experience and I have to say there is NO DOUBT I WILL be getting this game

TOMB RAIDER is released on the 5th of March 2013 so pre order now!!
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