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Originally Posted by Super Geek No1 View Post
If you are doing Not So Seriously then you can do 2v3 and so on. But for ranked it must be 3v3 minimum and a minimum of 3 rounds. It's in the description
Right, got it. I'll focus on Not So Serious for now, so player count is irrelevant for that, I can get away with doing Private 1v3, and drop a player out on my team to achieve that 1 vs 3? I'll just assume that's a yes.

You did however confuse me on Seriously/Ranked. I think perhaps the game being old that you may be mistaken on this instance, please clarify though if you believe you are still correct. So it has to be at least 3v3 throughout in Ranked no matter what for the kills to count. The bit that confused me though is you said it has to be at least 3 rounds as well. -- I think the rounds only applied to weapon achievements, there's no mention in Seriously description about number of rounds.

Obviously if I can hold the players for Seriously and figure something out for that, then I'd like to just do 1 huge round as per your guide for Annex, get as many kills as possible before boredom kicks in and end that 1 round and the entire match by capping the hill. To clarify, 1-round match, at least 3v3, is perfectly acceptable for Seriously/Ranked requirements?

Originally Posted by XxRPGxXLEGEND View Post
Maybe it's just me, I've read the original post ..and most of the other posts and I am considering getting gears for PC ..but I would like to clerify.

So.. We DONT need to be on Ranked matches to get the MP achievements for PC? Becuase xbox version we obviously do,
and Annex works for achievments on pc aswell, becuase xbox.. is doesnt either.

Questions may be stupid, but they are legit :P

On PC the weapon kills can be done in whatever, Ranked, Player, Private etc., just it must be a minimum of 3 rounds per match. Only 1 weapon kill per match will count as a +1, so 3 rounds you could have custom weapon locations and focus on 3 weapons, one different weapon kill for each round if you like.

I believe Annex/KOTH work on PC simply because they're modes that launched with the game, where as on Xbox Annex was later added as a free add-on.

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