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Question A question regarding the Grabber??

The Grabber (also known as the IPL) is a weapon very similar to the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2. It can grab objects and toss them, and can even be used as a weapon in itself. The Grabber will be obtained right near the start of the game from a dying Marine. You will need to toss objects at 20 enemies and kill them with said tossed object.

On a related note, the Grabber is extremely useful for Forgotten Ones (fiery flying skulls) as it is an instant kill.

Just a little question regarding the Grabber,I'm wondering if this is only available in the "Lost mission" or is it also available in RoE?
I'm pretty sure it isn't available in Doom 3 since that I'm almost through....
PS. Awesome guide,a shame they have been a little stingy with the gamerscore for this game,especially if you compare the game hrs of this vs. other games it should easily have been 1000,but then again I would play it no matter what it's simply to awesome
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