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This game deserves every bit of hate it gets. It's plauged with glitches, so bad that once I died, when I went back to the checkpoint I instantly died again for no reason. Sonic has randomly stopped moving in midair before and just dropped dead... I won't even mention all the glitches I encountered it's not even funny.

Yet, it's not only the glitches that ruin it. You will spend about half your time playing this game on the loading screen, with a 20 second loading screens that show a literally 5 second cutscene, followed by another 20 second load screen. I'm not even exaggerating.

All of this, along with awful voice acting, cutscenes so dumb that you will literally feel like spending half the time facepalming, make this a game that is truely a testament to how bad you can mess a game up.
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