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Achievement Guide

That's Got to Hurt – 20
Inflicted 100 damage or more to an enemy with a single attack

This achievement will come very late in the game and the best way I found was leveling up Walker "Big Man" Johnson to at least Level 11 and staff him with the following Perks:
Brute, Melee Specialist, Muscle Training, More Criticals, More Criticals II, Massive Criticals, Melee Specialist II, Cunning Training, Vengeful, Melee Specialist III.
When you even reach Level 12 you can choose More Criticals III as well.

NOTE: When you earn a Level up, all characters who weren't hired, gain their Perks automatically but can be respecced for a fee of 500 Dirty Money. To do this press + to open the Gang Management, choose the character you want to respec, hire him (you may have to fire another henchman first) and choose "Perks". There you'll see the "Respec" option, so press .

Also make sure to buy "The Sultan of Swat" bat at Illinois Avenue! (Please refer to the "Weapons Collector" achievement.)

After all these preparations we go to combat - just hope the AI is fielding Pickpockets, Jackknifes or Muggers (melee classes) and we can get it done.
Position "Big Man" somewhere in the open, so a melee foe can reach him. When the enemy reaches him and even land a hit, you're almost there. Just make sure you DO NOT move! Press and click left to choose the "Skull Crush" ability, press to aim and cross your fingers.
Thanks to the perks and your unique weapon (+100% damage) a hit will inflict 130 damage guaranteed, which will net you this achievement.

Tactician – 15
Won a combat encounter with 4 party members above 75% health

See "The Man with the Plan"

The Man with the Plan – 35
Won a combat encounter with 4 party members at full health

This achievement can be a bit difficult when you try to obtain it during campaign, since ranged enemies score at least one hit almost every time.
Best spot during campaign was the beginning of North Side when fighting against the Ku Klux Klan, because they field many melees in the first combat encounters, so you might be able to stay out of their range and shoot them without getting hit.

Easiest way is to boost it in MP. Just make sure your partner does not use revolver wielding henchmen such as "Doc" or "Two-Gun", as they will use defensive shots.
Then just kill all your partner's henchman without him attacking you and the achievement will unlock.

Close and Personal – 10
Won a combat encounter with 4 characters in your party wielding melee weapons

Although there are five henchmen who are wielding melee weapons from the start, this can be done with any character.
Easiest way is boosting in Multiplayer again. Choose "Team Management" in the Multiplayer menu, "Examine" your four standard henchman - "Squigs", "Doc", "Daredevil" and "Wolf" - and "Equip" them with the standard knuckles, bats or knifes (which are free).

Of course the achievement can be obtained during campaign as well, but in this case you have to check Deputies or Crime Lords, whether they sell melee weapons. After buying the weapons the Gang Menu can be opened by pressing + and then it works like in the "Team Management"
Anyway, it's not recommended to start a combat encounter with four melees in campaign.

Spreading the Love – 20
Hit 5 characters with an area attack

This achievement can only be done during campaign, so it is missable!
The description is a bit misleading, in fact it means "five enemies" as your henchmen do not count when hit.
There are only four chracters with area attack talents:
- Vincento "Squigs" Rizzo - Grenade - Level 4
- Frank "Wolf" Joseph - Grenade - Level 4
- Will "Romeo" Patterson - Firebomb - Level 1
- Stanislaw "Loony" Kowalski - Grenade - Level 4

I recommend using "Romeo"with Firebomb, because grenades take one turn to explode, so there will usually be at least one enemy running out of the explosion zone.
The tricky part is, to get a combat encounter in a warehouse or a similar map, where you can trigger the enemies and then hide around a corner, so any ranged enemy is forced to come to you.
Another good spot might be the very last combat encounter, since the AI tends to gather around the stairs. (But use this only as your last straw!)

When you gathered five enemies on one spot, press and then right up to choose the Firebomb and throw it.

NOTE: You can restart combat encounters as often as you want/need it, since this might take a few tries.

One Shot, One Kill – 15
Killed an enemy at full health with a single attack

This achievement can be earned luckily without even going for it.
For a safe way please check the "That's Got to Hurt" achievement.

Last Man Standing – 30
Won a combat encounter with three incapacitated gang members at the end

When the healthbar of one of your henchmen is depleted in combat, he gets incapacitated. So this achievement requires that three of your henchmen get "killed" while the last one kills the last enemy to win the combat encounter.

To make things easier start the combat encounter as you normally would till there is only one enemy left. Additionally you can shoot him a bit, so he doesn't have too many HP left. Then let this guy incapacitate three of your henchmen and finish him of with your last man.

Credit: Thanks to 666priest!

Lucky Rabbit's Foot – 20
Hit with an attack that has 5% hit chance

This achievement is completly luck based.

You need to hit an enemy who is very far away and behind cover as well. Anyway - you usually got four tries per pistol wielding henchman and you can restart any combat encounter when you find a good spot to try it over and over again.

Jinxed – 20
Missed with an attack that has 95% hit chance

Although this achievement is completly luck based as well, I encountered it to happen quite often (seven times in my campaign), so this should come naturally later in the game.

A good way to gain shots with 95% is either with a sniper or with the "Sir Jury" pistol (see the "Weapons Collector" achievement), which grants additional 10% Hit chance.
Another method to increase your hit chance is choosing the "Finesse Training" perk at Level 4.

Three Birds with One Stone – 10
Killed 3 enemies with a single attack

This achievement can be done with either a bat, a shotgun or the Tommy Gun.

I suggest using the "Chicago Piano" Tommy Gun (see the Weapons Collector achievement) which has the widest fire cone with Juliet. Also grant her at least the first rank of the "Savvy" perk (+1 AP) so you can aim your shot without leaving her with 5 spare action points.

You can also use the "hide behind a corner"-method mentioned at the Spreading the Love achievement, to get enemies closer together, but you don't want them to stand behind each other, as this will usually cause a "Miss" at the guy standing behind someone else.

When your enemies are closing, already start to shoot at them with your other henchmen to decrease their healthbar to at least 30 points. When three of your foes are close together and at around 30 HP or less wiat till it's Juliet's turn, press and then left to choose "Full Auto", additionally press to aim your shot and hope, that all three get killed.

NOTE: You can restart combat encounters as often as you want/need it, since this might take a few tries

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