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Fire in the Hole! – 25
Hit an enemy with a grenade

There are only three chracters who get the "Grenade" talent at Level 4:
- Vincento "Squigs" Rizzo
- Frank "Wolf" Joseph
- Stanislaw "Loony" Kowalski

When you throw a grenade to an enemy, they usually run out of the explosion circle, so your best bet might be to get this with Squigs and Wolf. In Wolf's turn, press and then left to choose "Crippling Shot" and then in Squigs' turn throw the grenade by press again and then right up for the "Grenade" talent.
You can also use the Princess' or Juliet's "Distract" talent, or prepare a low-courage target with "Dance for me" (revolver attack) or "Intimidate" (Two-Gun, Juliet, Alfredo Costa) to lower your enemy's MP.

Watch your Step! – 20
Shoved an enemy within the area of a fire bomb

For this achievement you need Will "Romeo" Patterson as well as a character with the "Shove" talent.
Characters with "Shove" talent:
- Brigitte "Daredevil" Laval - Level 4
- Walker "Big Man" Johnson - Level 8
- Eddie "Happy" Sparks - Level 1 (but second to last henchman)

Shove is melee attack, so you need to bring "Daredevil" or "Big Man" in movement range of your designated enemy first. Then, in "Romeo"'s turn, press and then right up to choose the "Firebomb" talent and throw the firebomb near your oponent, but you don't want him to stand in the white explosion circle yet.
Then move either "Daredevil" or "Big Man" to your target so that your enemy is between your henchman and the white circle of the firebomb, press again and then right for "Daredevil" or right down for "Big Man" to choose the "Shove" talent and your henchman will push him into the circle which will unlock the achievement.

Home Run – 15
Damaged 2 enemies with a single bat attack

For this achievement you need a bat wielding henchman like Walker "Big Man" Johnson or Eddie "Happy" Sparks.
In combat you need two enemies standing side by side so you may consider to trigger your enemies and than hide behind a corner or boost it in Multiplayer.
When you got two enemies positioned right, walk in with either "Big Man" or "Happy", press and then left down for "Home Run Swing". Also press to aim your swing. When you hit both enemies, they'll be pushed away and the achievement will unlock.

NOTE: Of course you can equip any henchman with a bat (refer to "Close and Personal" see how this is done), but it's not recommended since wrong attributes (like Muscle) will decrease the Hit chance with melee weapons dramatically.

Run, Coward! – 20
Intimidated a panicked enemy

For this achievement it is recommended to field one revolver wielding henchman ("Doc" or "Two-Gun") and one with the "Intimidate" talent:
- Marie "Juliet" Lucille - Level 4
- Mario "Two-Gun" Tucci - Level 8
- Alfredo Costa - Level 8

In combat pick a low courage target (courage is the turqois bar beneath the health bar) who are usually targets with low HP as well and use your "Dance for me" shot (requires revolvers, press and then left down) which will inflict courage damage only and after your enemy's courage is below 15 use the "Intimidate" talent by pressing and right ("Juliet") or down right ("Two-Gun" and Alfredo Costa) which will cause your panicked enemy to run away like a coward which will unlock the achievement.

Back In Action – 10
Bandaged an incapacitated character

To bandage a character you need a henchmen with the "Bandage" talent. Doc is the only henchman, who has this talent from the start, so it can be done in the "Absecon Lighthouse" area at the earliest.

When the healthbar of one of your henchmen is depleted in combat, he gets incapacitated. Move Doc next to your incapacitated henchman, press to open the action menu and choose "Bandage" in the upper right corner.

NOTE: "Bandage" can only be used once per mission, so when trying to go for this achievement, make sure, you didn't use it to just heal one of your henchmen.

Patched Up – 15
Removed 2 negative conditions with First Aid

For this achievement you need to field Frank "Wolf" Joseph (Level 1) or Emmet "Doc" O'Connel (Level 8) into combat and hope for bat-wielding and pistol- or shotgun-wielding oponents. Since this constellation is pretty rare it is recommended to boost this achievement in Multiplayer.

You will want your boosting partner to equip one of his henchmen with a bat (refer to "Close and Personal" see how this is done) and one with either a pistol or a shotgun.
Then have him attack one of your henchmen with a normal bat hit and either a "Stomach Shot" (pistol) or a "Buckshot" (shotgun) - both by pressing and then left down - which will cause a "Concussion" as well as a "Bleeding" debuff.
Then move your Wolf into melee range of your wounded henchman, press and then left up to choose "First Aid" which will remove both debuffs and grant you the achievement.

NOTE: Your partner can also use "Leg Sweep" (knuckles) or "Crippling Shot" (rifle) for a "Crippled" debuff. (Thanks to 666priest!)

It's a Trap! – 15
Damaged an enemy with a booby trap

There are only two henchmen with the "Booby Trap" talent:
- Luigi "Fixit" Tucci - Level 1
- Stanislaw "Loony" Kowalski - Level 1

Easiest way to get this achievement is to move "Fixit" or "Loony" in a door, press and then left up to choose "Booby Trap" and place the trap in the door. Then trigger an enemy (in case it didn't happen already) and hide behind a corner so the enemy is forced to come through the door. When he runs through your trap the achievement will unlock.

Blood Red Eyes – 20
Used Rage 3 times with the same character in a single battle

There are only three henchmen with the "Rage" talent:
- Mack "The Knife" - Level 1
- Alfredo Costa - Level 1
- Luigi "Fixit" Tucci - Level 8

"Rage" is a talent which recharges with a kill, so you need to prepare two enemies by decreasing their health bar so one of the three characters mentioned above can kill them.
Just make sure you use "Rage" - press and then right up ("The Knife" and A. Costa) or right down (Fixit) before killing the first enemy, than before killing the second enemy again and a third time after you killed the second enemy. So the second enemy must not be the last enemy!
When activating "Rage" for the third time the achievement will unlock.

Credit: Thanks to 666priest!

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