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Originally Posted by DarkReign2021 View Post
New xbox this year is a possibility, but I don't see it happening until at least next year. They might surprise me though. What I do know is they won't release a Halo HD trilogy. Halo 1 has already been done (and thus would piss off too many people if they tried to release it again so soon) and Halo 3 is already in HD and looks gorgeous as it is. Halo 2 is the only title that stands to be given the HD treatment. With Anniversary the graphic overhaul was amazing and I definitely see 343 wanting to repeat the process for Halo 2, but honestly I would be okay with a basic graphical overhaul. Unlike Halo 1, which had blatantly dated graphics, Halo 2 did not. It was one of the best looking games on the original Xbox and were it not for the lack of HD, would probably still look better than a handful of the games coming out for the 360 now.
I had thought at first that it would probably be coming out 2014 Holidays, but I'm almost convinced it's due to come out this year. Halo 2's graphics were good for it's time, no doubt, but they're still dated and an HD Remake would be great. It'd be fun to see the Prophets, Tartarus, Gravemind and everything else HD.

A Halo 3 Remake isn't necessary at all, I only bring up a Trilogy HD Remake because someone made a thread a while back about a rumor behind it.

Halo 2 HD looking better than most 360 games? Maybe...but doubt it. Have you played L.A. Noire? Easily the best graphics on the 360 to date, IMO at least.

Anyways, I hope the do a Halo 2 Anniversary, it's my favorite Campaign in the franchise and it'd be nice to do it all over again.

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