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Pointy Ship 1 - 5
Get over 500 points for landing a single ship.

See "Pointy Ship 2."

Pointy Ship 2 - 10
Get over 1,000 points for landing a single ship.

You need to get 500 and 1,000 points for landing a single ship to unlock these achievements. Each ship has a base score, which is multiplied by the current multiplier when the ship lands, given the total points for landing that ship (the point value flashes when the ship lands). 1,000 points is easy to get and will come without even trying. This can be obtained in any game mode, but it easier in Infinity mode where you can earn a limitless color multiplier (as opposed to Odyssey where the multiplier is capped at x5). Also, to improve your odds, equip the Critical Score Robot, which will randomly give you extra points on ships you land.

NOTE: You are guaranteed to get 1,000 points for a ship when going for the x50 multiplier required for the "Malt Runway 2" achievement, so you should probably just follow the description for that achievement.

Malt Runway 1 - 10
Get a red, green, or yellow runway multiplier of 25.

See "Malt Runway 2."

Malt Runway 2 - 15
Get a red, green, or yellow runway multiplier of 50.

Colored runway multipliers can only be earned in Odyssey and Rescue modes. This achievement requires you to get a multiplier of 50. Successively landing the same color ships in a row will add to the multiplier. Landing a ship of a different color from the current multiplier or crashing any ships will reset the multiplier. So, to earn this achievement, you need to land 50 ships of the same color in a row without landing another color, or crashing any ships.

This achievement is most easily attempted in Infinity mode. Ships of like color tend to spawn together for extended periods of time. You should attempt this with either large green or large yellow ships, which spawn smaller ships, as well as the yellow snake-like ships (each ship in those chains count towards the 50). Finally, the cargo ships which drop off 10+ ships of the same color can be useful as well.

This will take a little bit of luck. If a ship spawns of the wrong color, just stall it around the screen and don't land it.


The following 2 achievements are related to purchasing and upgrading all of the bots in the game.

Catch Them All - 15
Obtain every bot in the game.

Bots are essentially passive power-ups that you can equip before starting a game. The do such things as increase your score, make ships move faster, give you extra lives, and make coin and XP payouts larger. There are 14 bots in total to obtain. You start with two already unlocked, but the other 12 must be purchased with coins. Coins are collected while playing the game, unfortunately at a rather low frequency, in two ways:

1) Landing the ships that are towing coins behind them
2) Tapping the large spinning coins that periodically fly across the screen

Make sure to purchase the More Coins Bot first and always have it equipped. This will make the painstaking process of earning coins faster, but not much. In total, it will cost 221,500 coins to purchase all the bots. With the More Coins Bot equipped, you will earn 100-200 coins per minute, depending on the game mode and luck, which equates to 35 to 75 hours of solid playtime just to earn the required amount of coins to purchase all the bots.

Max Them All - 15
Get every bot in the game to level 10.

Each bot has the ability to rank up to level 10 by earning XP, which is obtained for each bot that you have active for a game (up to three at a time). The amount of XP you earn is 10% of your total ending score. You need to use each robot enough to earn the sufficient amount of score to level each up to 10. I am not sure of the exact amount, but you will need to earn a cumulative point total far into the millions for each bot. You will have to play many, many games with a given bot equipped. It is recommended that you don't use a bot anymore once reaching level 10 for it. Keep switching bots to maintain progress towards this achievement.

It may be worth it to invest in power crystals, which can be purchased in a shop. They are single-use items that multiply all of your XP in a game by 3. The crystals are pricey, but if you use one in a game where you earn crazy score, they pay off. The crystals only last for one game, and are applied in the bot selection screen before starting the game.

NOTE: Bots used have a charge that drains with use, and must be replenished before using again. The charge slowly replenishes with time, but can also be instantly replenished using batteries purchased with your hard-earned coins (the latter is not recommended, considering how slowly coins are earned and how many you need for "Catch Them All").


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