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Knuckle Sandwich – 20
Hit 3 different enemies in the same turn with knuckles

There is only character who comes with knuckles from the start - Brigitte "Daredevil" Laval. Knuckles allow your character to move after attacking so your targets don't need to stand side by side but not to far from each other as well.
It's recommended to try this when you already gained some perks "Fleet of Feet", "Fleet of Feet II", "Savvy" and "Muscle Training" are really useful so being at least Level 7 makes things a bit easier. (To see how characters are respecced please refer to the "That's Got to Hurt" Achievement.)

In Combat trigger your enemies (melee enemies make things even easier) and hide behind a wall so they're forced to come to you. When enemies gathered together a bit run to the first enemy, press to aim and then just hit him with the normal "Punch" and repeat it two more times.
Since you only have 13 or 14 AP every punch needs to be a hit for the achievement to unlock.

NOTE: You can restart combat encounters as often as you want/need it, since this might take a few tries.

Credit: Thanks to 666priest!

Slice and Dice – 10
Hit an enemy with the Slice and Dice knife attacks in the same turn

There are two henchmen who start with a knife:
- Mack "The Knife"
- Stanislaw "Loony" Kowalski

To get this achievement you need to close in to an enemy, press and then left to choose "Slice" and make sure you press as well (hit chance with knifes is usually pretty low). Then press again, left up for "Dice" which comes with additional 10% Hit Chance after a "Slice" Hit, press again and when both attacks hit, the achievement will unlock.

NOTE: You can restart combat encounters as often as you want/need it, since this might take a few tries.

Easy as One-Two – 10
Killed 2 enemies in the same turn with a pistol

There are two henchmen who start with a pistol:
- Vincento "Squigs" Rizzo
- Joey "Princess" Tucci

To get this achievement you need to prepare two enemies with your other henchmen so they only have a maximum of 20 HP left. Make sure your pistol wielder is in close range to the designated targets as this will increase his hit chance.
Both "Squigs" and "Princess" have enough AP to shoot four times so this shouldn't be too hard when in close range.
After you killed the two enemies with your four shots the achievement will unlock.

No Place to Hide – 15
Destroyed 4 cover objects with a single shotgun attack

The easiest way to get this achievement is to boost it in Multiplayer because the "Gang War" map has plenty of boxes, crates etc. which can be destroyed with shotguns.
To make things even easier you can equip all four of your henchmen with Shotguns so you have multiple tries.
Otherwise it might come naturally in warehouse encounters, but if you're unlucky, MP is the easiest way, since the "Gang War" map is always the same.

Do NOT Mess with Me – 20
Killed an enemy with a revolver retaliation shot

Revolvers come with a passive bonus which allows retaliation (defensive) shots. You do not need to save Movement or Action Points to trigger defensive shots and you can't turn your henchmen into overwatch mode like in the new XCOM.

Retaliation shots happen when your henchman equipped with revolvers is attacked with ranged attacks. He then fires one single shot at the attacker. This shot doesn't carry any aim penalties so it has the same Hit percentage as the standard "Flurry" attack.

So for this achievement you need to bring down one of your enemies to around 15-20 HP maximum (lower is better of course) and have him attack your revolver wielding henchman.
To make sure the right henchman is attacked, you may want to move him away from cover and in the open (higher Hit percentage for the enemy) and your other henchmen around a corner because the AI oponents tend to ignore your revolver wielding henchmen to not get shot by them.
When your retaliation shot hits and kills the enemy the achievement should unlock.

Shooting Fish in a Barrel – 20
Hit 3 vulnerable enemies with a single Tommy Gun attack

I highly recommend trying this achievement with a boosting partner in a MP match. I also recommend buying and hiring "Juliet" as well as "Dandy" in the "Manage Team" section of MP because they both wield Tommy Guns.

To get this achievement have your partner move at least three of his henchmen together closely. Then choose one of your Tommy Guns, press and choose "Suppressive Fire" (down left), then press to aim the shot. When you hit, all three enemies should have "Vulnerable" popping above their head.
Be sure all three foes are vulnerable or you won't get the achievement!

Then wait for your next Tommy Gun's move, press again, but choose "Full Auto" (left) this time. Again you can press to aim the shot and higher your hit chance. When you hit, the achievement will pop.

Please send me some feedback if this method works for you!

Ruthless Efficency – 10
Had a building at 200% efficiency

The easiest way to get this achievement is to tackle it, when you go for the "Iron Fists" or "Velvet Glove" achievement.

Rent a premises and establish an Labour Union and buy at least one of the upgrades to double the effectiveness increase for either Feared or Liked rating.
Then check the two achievements mentioned above. When you reached either 100 Feared or Liked rating both achievements will unlock, since your 100% Feared/Liked rating grant you 100% efficency for the Labour Union.

Weapons Dealer – 15
Stockpiled 200 Firearms

This achievement can be done in "Gardener Basin" area after you got the liquor storage. You should have more than 400 storage avaiable which is blocked by the liquor. So try to sell it with Jobs so you get free space.
Most important is to abandon your Pharmacy or have the work to be stopped so you don't gain the 5000 Clean Money.
Then simply abandon all premises, establish smugglers, buy the first upgrade so weapons are more likely to be smuggeled and then wait till you have 200 weapons in your storage.

Money Launderer – 30
Laundered $10,000 Dirty Money in a single mission

There are three ways to launder money:
- Accountant (premises)
- Jobs (Money tab)
- "Launder" at a politician's residence

Establishing an "Accountant" is the most effective way, but make sure you created a working economy first as the "Accountant" will consume your Dirty Money to make Clean Money in a 4:3 rate (with upgrade - both upgrades are recommended) so the "Accountant" can make you bankrupt pretty fast when established too early.

For tips how to set up a working economy please refer to the Roadmap.

NOTE: In my playthrough I laundered aprroximately 12,000$$ Clean Money before the achievement popped so don't get nervous. Just let the game run for some time and it will pop.

Hard Working – 15
Completed 5 Jobs in a single mission

See "Go-To Man"

Go-To Man – 25
Completed 15 Jobs in a single mission

The jobs tab is activated by pressing and then .
There are five different mission types:
- Beer
- Liquor
- Firearms
- Money
- Special

Complete fifteen of these tasks in one area and the achievement should unlock.

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