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Originally Posted by Razor Buddha View Post
? Copy-paste ad nauseum from the highest selling, most played shooter on the market. Something that Halo used to be. The mistake was thinking that by mimicking those gameplay mechanics you would steal their fan base and money.
I'm sure they had no intentions of 'stealing' another games fanbase. Think of it more as attracting a larger crowd. Included in that crowd, those who have never played Halo before.

Originally Posted by Razor Buddha View Post
More people play Medal of Honor Warfighter I bet.
LOL! I highly doubt that...that game was god-awful I heard.

Originally Posted by Razor Buddha View Post
This is twice that Halo has failed on a main entry. Sure Frank O'Connor can promise me that Halo 5 will be better and I might even buy it to see if he is right but at this point will anyone else? Halo's population will never return to it's full strength ever again.
Again, 'failed' is pretty harsh. Halo 4 sold well, there's no denying that. It's still not that good...but it sold well...which is far from failing.

I do agree with some of your points though. FPS's nowadays are terrible. They're all a copy-and-paste from one another. Creativity is lacking. Innovation is lacking. It's the truth.

Multiplayer-wise, I honestly don't expect Halo 5 to be that good. The only reason I will be purchasing Halo 5 is because Halo has one of my favorite Campaigns/Story of any FPS and I sure as hell want to continue the Master Chief's story, especially with Cortana outta the picture.

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