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Entrepreneur – 20
Owned 10 businesses at the same time

For this achievement you need to rent ten "premises" or "joints" and establish any business in all ten. To check how many businesses you already own, press the button. (Your Hideout does NOT count as a business, so you need eleven entries in this overview.)

This can already be done in second area of the game - the "Absecon Lighthouse" by buying out independent businesses or forcing the owners to vacate their business with a Drive-By shooting and rent it yourself afterwards.

An Offer You Can't Refuse – 10
Bought out an independent business

Buying out an independent business is part of the second area "Absecon Lighthouse".
Doc wants you to buy out a speakeasy or have it closed by doing a Drive-By.
Select the marked speakeasy (pink sign with 2 glasses) and choose the third option "Buyout" and then "Start" to send one of your henchman. When your henchman returns, the achievement will unlock.

When you missed this opportunity:
To be able to buyout a speakeasy you need warm relations with the owner. A business usally starts at Neutral relations, so you need to choose the "Supply" option first. This will cost you 30 beer and warm up the relations. The Buyout itself costs 250 Dirty Money then.

Meet the Gang – 15
Had a team of 6 gangsters in the campaign

Story related and can not be missed.

Iron Fist – 15
Gained 100 Feared Rating

Feared rating can be gained by various ways:
- Jobs (15 and 40)
- "The Don's" Pizzeria (20 stock + 10 with upgrade)
- Safe House (20 with upgrade)
- Protection Racket (10 with upgrade)
- Weapon Store (10 with upgrade)
- Loan Shark (10 with upgrade)
- Enforcer characters add 2 Feared Rating when sent on Drive-By or Firebomb missions
and some combat missions also generate Feared rating.

Your best bet might be waiting for an opportunity to buy additional Feared rating in the Jobs tab and rent Joints to establish "The Don's" pizzarias (+upgrade) till you reach the 100 Feared rating.

Velvet Glove – 15
Gained 100 Liked Rating

Liked rating can be gained by various ways:
- Soup Kitchen (20 stock + 25 with upgrades)
- Jobs (15)
- Brewery (15 with upgrade)
- Flop House (10 with upgrade)
- Clinic (10 with upgrade)
- Hotel (10 with upgrade)
- Charity event at the City Official residence (10)
- Party in a Hotel (10)

Easiest way to get this achievement is to rent two premises and establish Soup Kitchens. Make sure you also buy the upgrades which will then already net you 90 Liked rating. Then just organize a Charity event and the achievement should be yours.

It's Getting Crowded Here – 15
Unlocked 15 gang members

Story related and can not be missed.

Scapegoat – 20
Framed another criminal during a police investigation

For this achievement you will want Warm relations with an independent business (Brewery, Speakeasy, Protection Racket and so) or a Crime Lord first. Easiest way is usually to establish a Distillery in a Premises, which should warm the relations with a Speakeasy owner. Otherwise you can buy goods from Breweries, Supply a Speakeasy or do Wet Work for a Crime Lord.

Then have your heat level rise to five stars so the police starts an investigation.
Press to view the investigation. In this menu there are four possible actions:
- Bribe the investigators (500 Dirty Money)
- Call in a favor from a friendly deputy
- Use another criminal as a scapegoat
- Destroy the evidence (combat mission)

Choose the third option and the achievement will unlock.

This achievement can be done in the second area - Absecon Lighthouse - at the earliest. Once you solved the pest problem for Louie Castaneda the police will automatically start an investigation.

This Ain't Your Daddy's Gun – 10
Purchased a Unique Weapon in the Campaign

See "Weapons Collector"

Weapons Collector – 30
Purchased 13 unique Weapons in the Campaign

#1 - "Serve and Protect" - Revolvers - Virgina Avenue - Deputy north of the map
#2 - "Nasty Shiv" - Knife - Georgia Avenue - Deputy in the West near the police station (handcuffs sign)
#3 - "Sir Jury" - Pistol - Garden Pier - Deputy in the east
#4 - "The Fine Gesture" - Knuckles - Garden Pier - Deputy South East corner
#5 - "The Sharpshooter - Rifle - Iowa Avenue - Deputy in the West (need to proceed through the area's story till you need to call favors from three deputies)
#6 - "The Sultan of Swat" - Bat - Illinois Avenue - Crime Lord in the South East (near a Brewery and Construction Lot)
#7 - "The Chopper" - Tommy Gun - North Carolina Avenue - Deputy east of the Jonas Twins task
#8 - "Sweet Lullaby" - Shotgun - Downtown - Deputy in the West (near the High-brow Estates mission)
#9 - "The Rajah" - Bat - Downtown - Crime Lord in the North
#10 - "The Trench Knife" - Knife - Downtown - Crime Lord right east of your hideout
#11 - "Louisiana Justics" - Shotgun - Boardwalk Hall - Crime Lord in the South West
#12 - "The Knuckle Sandwich" - Knuckles - Boardwalk Hall - Deputy south of the Boardwalk Hall
#13 - "The Chicago Piano" - Tommy Gun - Michigan Avenue - Crime Lord south west of the Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel

Firestarter – 20
Burned 3 buildings in a single mission

Can be done in the "Garden Pier" area at the earliest, because you need at least three construction lots which are hold by the AI. Look for hotels, casinos and nightclubs. When you click them, there are three options, the first will be "Firebomb".

To burn down a building you need five firearms (so 15 in total) and choose the "Firebomb" option.
(For tips how to gather firearms see the "Weapons Dealer" achievement.)

Once you burned down three casinos, hotels or nightclubs the achievement will pop.

Juggernaut – 20
Had a gang member with 200 or more health

NOTE for "Juggernaut", "Marathon Runner", "Nimble Fingers" and "Go for the Eyes!":
Perks increasing HP, MP, AP or Crit chance for a short time only don't seem to count for these achievements - the german achievement description mentions "base" HP, MP, AP and CC.

There are four perks increasing the total HP of one of your henchmen for a total of 60 HP.
- Tough - Level 2 - Increase HP by 15
- Tough II - Level 5/Tough - Increase HP by 15
- Toughness Training - Level 5/Toughness < 10 - Increase Toughness by 1 (i.e. 15 HP)
- Tough III - Level 8/Tough II - Increase HP by 15

So you need a henchman with at least 140 base HP, level him up to Level 8 and choose the three "Tough" perks and "Toughness Training" perk at Level 2, 5 and 8.

There are only two characters with more than 140 base HP:
- Mario "Two-Gun" Tucci
- Eddie "Happy" Sparks
Both start with 165 HP so this can already be gained at Level 5.

NOTE: You can always respec your team members for 500 Dirty Money. Please check the "That's Got to Hurt" achievement to find out how to do it.

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