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There is a room in thiefs guild with 4-5 chests that you can practice on , they will auto lock up again after a time,

Also I never pickup any keys while in caves, I Check for a locked door and try to pick it. If it requires a key I go back to the body/chest and pick it up
Or if you have follower give it them to hold and if you do need it take it away.

I also pick all locks even if empty cage or door what ever.

I plan to keep the Skeleton key for as longs as I can.
After you have over 99+ picks I don't think you need skeleton key anymore, so you can complete the quest.

Not sure if it allows increase of Lockpicking the same was as a fail when a pick breaks. Every time you fail with a pick and it breaks the skill goes up a bit. Have not noticed it with the skeleton key. However my lock pick is very high already.
Master locks are about 5 tries or less if start point is found ASAP.

Also make use of the scratch marks on lock.

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