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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
Wow, over a month and no one else is looking forward to this? Bummer. I am really looking to this as well. Even though I never had the chance to play the original on the PC, I have Hell Wars on Xbox and it is one of the greatest shooters I've ever played. I can live solely with these types of games, I wish there were more like it nowadays but I am thankful for Serious Sam HD (I would love to see an HD release of SS 2, very underrated IMO). Anyways, I realize the level list is pretty lacking at the moment, so with the delay considered I hope other levels will be added. Town was the best!
OMG a reply! lol

But yes, so ready for this game! I have Hell Wars as well, and it's a lot like the original. Only some levels were missing just like this is, so at least it's not a new thing.

I agree with what you said as well, there needs to be more of the old school shooting action around, but sadly there isn't.

At least we can have hope for the genre with the few games here and there that try to stay true, like this game and RotT 2013, which I hope comes to Xbox 360 (look it up if you don't know about it, it's soo sick).

This is sort of like a 'Nero watches Rome burn and plays the lyre' kind of deal. Us old school gamers sit back, play our favorite types of games while the rest of gaming (modern gaming) burns (as in suffers and lacks what older games had). Really sad, but true.
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