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Originally Posted by The BiggD View Post
Dark made a point. Call of Duty doesn't 'own' loadouts, perks, or any of that. Thus, Halo didn't "copy" Call of Duty. End of discussion...there's honestly no arguing that, and if you persist to, you're just being stubborn.
CoD owns loadouts and perks about as much as an intangible gameplay mechanic can be owned. It's obvious that Halo did take the idea of spawning with custom made loadouts from CoD because that's what developers do when they want to sell games. Support and tactical packages are obviously cribbed perks and some of them are just have the same effect.

I get that Halo needed to evolve. It did that on every entry, but the core of the gameplay always stayed and had always been teamwork, map control and the trinity of guns, grenades and melee. Most of that was lost in Halo 4. Map control is a thing of the past since ordinance spawns wherever the fuck at whenever the hell intervals. Guns are the only useful way to fight now, grenades don't do a thing in terms of damage and are useless besides sticking people and melees are useless outside of back smacks because everyone spawns with a goddamn shotgun.

The game just failed as a whole on the multiplayer end. It's still fun from time to time, but it's just a shell of what Halo used to be. It's just plainly obvious that the multiplayer didn't get as much attention that it needed.

I wrote more than I wanted to here and went off on a tangent but whatevs. Part of me is obviously really sad with how this game turned out and it's hard to not show it.

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