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Vampire Massacre in Whiterun

I just mastered my werewolf perks, so i decided to get bitten by Serena. The first thing i did was get blood-thirsty, by just chilling around Skyrim doing my quests and stuff.

I then travelled to Whiterun and 'For the Lolz' decided to run into the companion guild building, change into some werewolf apparel (gauntlets, hood and all that. And turn into a vampire, i slaughtered all the un-invincible characters, and got my perk progress, then i reverted to true form, and casted a Destructive Storm shout, and took out all the guards. Then i willingly took myself to jail, so i could level up my lockpicking.

Anyway, i got a note from a courier, saying sorry about the death, here is your inheritance. I found out it was Ria.

Is their anyway to get my Companion 'buddies' back?

P.S. Think i killed the guy up by the skyforge as well. (At least i got three perks!)
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