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Originally Posted by Darth Villainous View Post
Looking to do all the MP achievements in this, as I'm bumping this up in my backlog queue out of concern the servers will get shut down due to Atari's bankruptcy announcement today. Text me on Live if interested, GT: DarthVillainous.

Look man I tried to get you to boost with me. But instead of coming to my party, you chose to send me the message WHAT????. It made it appear as if you were mad or something. So that's why I sent you those messages. I am just tired of people claiming they want to boost but then don't back it up. Plus I have been under a lot of strain from other stuff..U did not even consider what was happening with me. So if you wanna boost, then leave me a message here or accept my Friend request..

Who knows when the servers will be shut down. I will send you one last friend request. If you decline it. That's on you. I am making an offer here to help us both out.
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