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Originally Posted by DropDeadArtemus View Post
I would suggest moving "Hazardous Work Environment" from playthrough 2 to playthrough 4, seeing as playthrough 2 is the do-not-die playthrough.
Good plan, it will also make playthrough 4 slightly more exciting that just get-to-the-end. I didn't actually die with that achievement though. I placed the sign at the top of the ramp where the guard is (after knocking him out) and slipped down the hill. Achievement unlocked with no death. I'll rejig anyway though.

Originally Posted by luke391 View Post
I made a video of every trophy besides "Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies" (didn't have it unlock yet, so never made a video of it... will be up soon), which you can use for your guide if you want. Also you might want to note that doing the color wheel will disable the fortune teller, since I didn't know this and have to do another cycle because of it.
Aha! Yes, I did the very same thing! I'll make a note. As to videos I'll leave them for now but may add them later
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