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Originally Posted by Extra Saucy View Post
This might be the first DLC I have bought and completely bailed on.
I'm the same, I absolutely loved the actual game then made the mistake of trying a few of these, boy, what a crock of shit this DLC is.

It's not difficulty that's putting me off but that I supremely cannot be arsed with all the luck-based shit.

For example I figured I'd have a laugh and try getting to wave 13 in that trial and for fuck's sake, I had to restart about 7 times on the first wave because it was spawning a Weeper next to two guards and the majority of the time, even with blinking to them, they'd kill it before I could get there.

It was at this point that I told this to fuck off - If the achievements were simply very difficult I'd have hung on until I'd got them but when they make luck to be effectively the deciding factor in how well a run will go, they can stick it up their arse.

Kudos, though, somebody might have actually finally made something as worthless as Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot.
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