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Pyramid Head Apartment Tip

So I'm on my 10 star run, right? Right. Trying to run around for five minutes so the sirens go off. I run up against the back left wall and whip out my pistol, hoping to slow him down a bit. I underestimated his distance and he goes to do his huge overhead chop... lo and behold, it misses! Petrified I stand absolutely still. He swings again... misses. Again. I smile to myself. Fourth swing, he still misses. I make the mistake of letting go of right trigger and he lurches towards me. Frightened I make a mad dash for the upper right corner, and lure him around till I can get to the back left again. I take up my post (Just a few feet from the top corner) hold out my pistol. He saunters near, standing by the body of his rape victim. He does his overhead swing and repeats his mistake, missing. I stand there till the siren goes off as he swings at the air. he moves towards me a bit when it does, but I run to the upper right corner and he doesn't seem to care, going off for a swim. Encounter done, easy style.

TL;DR During the first Pyramid Head "fight" stand a small space down from the upper left corner with your back to the wall and hold the right trigger to aim at him. He should stand by the bloody lump on the ground and swing over and over missing.

This was just in one play through mind you, I didn't try again cause it was my last run. Hopefully it works for you guys.

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