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Originally Posted by DarkReign2021 View Post
I kind of hope they ditch the 'S' in FPS and go for more of a First Person Adventure game. I'm tired of games that involve running through endless hordes of nameless bad guys and killing everything that moves. The industry needs to grow up already. Games like Deus Ex where you have the option to kill everybody, but doing so is but one option. More FPS games should aspire to be more like Deus Ex, Elder Scrolls, Thief, etc...

And I understand killing is necessary in a war like Halo, but that doesn't mean every single minute of the game needs to be killing and fighting. The beginning portion of Shutdown in Halo 4 is one of my favorite parts of the game. Just being free to roam around the hangar bay and checking out the neat stuff was intriguing. A big reason Halo 1 was so amazing compared to the rest of the series is because you had enormous maps and a lot of the time there weren't enemies to fight. You were just exploring the mysterious Alien world. Mass Effect, again, exploring Normandy and the Citadel were my favorite parts of the 3 games. Star Wars: KOTOR and the Ebon Hawk once again. Just because it's a videogame doesn't mean every minute of it needs to be chaos and death.
But then you'll have those who argue, "Why do FPS games have to adopt these gameplay elements if there are games already like that?"

I do agree partially that more games should be focused on strategy, stealth, and moral decision making. Running around killing things is too common nowadays.

So you're more for exploration of worlds, than fighting every minute of gameplay? I get that. Because I like that too, but as I said, you add more exploration to Halo and less combat, and many will complain that Halo's "core-gameplay" is gone.

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