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Originally Posted by The BiggD View Post
But aren't Devs doing that too? Alotta games are basing there Multiplayer or certain Single Player elements off more successful titles (Like Call of Duty influencing many games' Multiplayer now).
I don't believe that developers consciously go out of their way to blatantly rip off games. I don't believe they sit there and say "Okay, how can we make Halo more like Call of Duty. They analyze different series in comparison to their own and identify key features that would benefit their own series, but at the same time they're thinking outside of the box and coming up with anything and everything they can think of. Loadouts aren't actually new to the series. It's a feature they tested for Halo 2 and Halo 3 and just ultimately decided not to include. Than you take other features like Vehicle Jacking, which has never been used in any other FPS to date, or Dual-Wielding, a classic feature in FPS that was enhanced by the ability to mix weapons for different effects. Some developers will definitely go out and blatantly copy games, but big name developers are less focused on being something their not and more on what they feel would give them the most of their own game.

I might be going out on a limb here (I do agree that people will complain no matter what) but Devs should stop making sequels and start making new IP's. I don't like that there's a 4th Gears of War, talk about a 4th Mass Effect (never played), rumors of a 4th Assassin's Creed, etc.. I want NEW games. Not sequels.
This is a large part of what I'm talking about. Devs are so afraid to take risks and do something new because new doesn't sell as well as familiar. Can't blame gamers since games are $60 a pop and not worth the risk. The developers need to be focusing on getting development costs down and reducing the cost of their games in favor of being able to create more unique IP's. Every now and then you get a lucky break like Dishonored that does well, but typically a game only ever sells on Franchise or Developer name alone, so you see wonderful games like Catherine, Brutal Legends, and Enslaved ignored in favor of [FPS #72]

Well I'm sure this isn't directed exactly at me, but personally, I don't consider myself hardcore at all. I always say it on these Forums, I don't care about Multiplayer that much anymore since MP nowadays just down right sucks...
This wasn't quoted at anybody in specific as I don't hold a grudge against anybody in this site. It's not even meant as an insult. I just stated it a sort of observation that "Hey, this is what you do for the Industry" kind of way. And personally, from the way you talk about gaming, I can see you as much a veteran gamer as anything. You have diversity in your games. I've seen you on boards from Halo to Splinter Cell to Elder Scrolls and everything in between. Plus with topics like your Halo 4 Legendary guide, it's obvious you're willing to put a little time into helping or improving the community.

Quality of games? Hells yeah. One of my favorite games in the past 2 years is Max Payne 3. Partially because it's less of a run-and-gun shooter and more of a cinematic experience. The flow of cinematics and narrative made the game what is was.
This is one title I have yet to try, though I'm definitely looking forward to getting it now that I have my Gamefly account up and running again. It's been a couple years since I shut it down, so now I have a nice list of games to try out.

PC gamers are pricks. I have two co-workers who play nothing but World of Warcraft and League of Legends are they're complete fucking tools who think PC games and gamers rule all.
Amen to that. I HATE PC gamers. lol. So full of themselves.
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