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Originally Posted by DarkReign2021 View Post
David Cage tells the Industry to "Grow up"

David Cage says "Sequels kill creativity"

Sony never asked for Heavy Rain 2
I like how it didn't take long for commentators in the first article to bring up CoD.

I wonder how much I would like Halo: Combat Evolved if there was no 2, 3, books, etc. Sequels provide a nice bolster to devs and publishers but there's a point where they just need to stop. I'm fine with a good trilogy but when a franchise has 5 plus games under its belt, I can't help but feel burnt out if I keep seeing redundant features. I'm happy Reach introduced armor abilities, they were a great way to bring something new to Halo but the way AAs were implemented in multiplayer was God awful since people abused armor lock the first few weeks after Reach launched. I also enjoy the ordanance drops in Halo 4, but I wish they were just one thing, like call in 2 grenades or more ammo for the weapon you're currently carrying.

The Halo franchise is the most I've ever invested in a gaming franchise, I've purchased all the games, some LEs, the PC versions of CE and 2, and some Halo-themed controllers. But I want to see it end, soon. The further we carry on, the more disappointed I am, and the more "samey same" feel is what I generally receive. Maybe we could see some future books, or a live action film, but no more games after 6.

Aren't we all tired of John McClane now? How much more shit can that guy possibly take? I feel like that's what my approach to Chief will be like once Halo 6 hits shelves. Some old dude in shiny armor. Bring on the gun show.

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