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Originally Posted by Diablo Himself View Post
Spending all night getting to chapter 6 and dying after killing the two big belly monsters and dying to the 'swarm' + 6 leapers. =[

Sad day.

I used the chapter 1 dupe trick and I didn't want to have my time wasted so I used save 1 of 3 after duping. Having 2 saves leftover I hope to get to disc 2 and then save somewhere around chapter 10 for save 2. And then Idk where for save 3.

Anyone have any tips to give me. Every time I die I turn off my xbox in anger.
first tip is not to waste a save so early. i know you want to save your dupe progress, but trying to go from the beginning to around chapter 10 without dying is a huge task. i would make my first save in chapter 5 before the huge tripod monster, then at least if you die before disc 2 you dont have to redo too much.

second save would be at the beginning of the ishimura, as that ship kicked my ass a lot.

third save for me was chapter 13 i think, just before the eye poke machine.

if you dont want your time wasted by doing the dupe glitch, you could just not do it. you dont really need it. this difficulty is deceiving and its not hard at all, its just peoples nerves get to them because of how much progress you lose. just take your time, and maybe consider watching a youtube guide as you're playing, so you can watch what is in a certain room in the video before doing it yourself in your game.

also, consider that i managed to complete this game on hardcore, and i suck at hard difficulties, so if i can do it, anyone can

good luck!
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