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Originally Posted by Kieran69 View Post
So, I was one of the people who was trying to support this game since it came out, mainly because I am a big fan of Capcom, plus I did enjoy the game and thought it was nice they were adding a "Free" DLC. Well everyone was saying oh, it's not going to be free just wait, and they were right. That's a dirty little thing they did there. Telling us they're going to release the other side of the campaign as DLC for free, and we come to find out only 1 chapter is free. It's pretty sad, and as much as I want to I just can't support them on this anymore. Everything they've released as DLC is kind of obvious that it was in the game beforehand. Don't comment saying "Blame Slant Six" because I enjoy the game, I don't like that Capcom is releasing the content as paid DLC that should have came with the game. Just a rant
I agree completly you point of view...
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