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Just a minor formatting suggestion. Currently looks like:

Originally Posted by PowerPyx View Post
Attack of the Saints

#30 - Parking - 11:49
After defeating the first two Saints you need to go down the stairs. You will then be in the courtyard. There is a blue car and on a box next to this car is the evidence.

#31 - Reception - 12:07
After leaving the reception you can see a gas station. In front of the gas station are some boxes and on one of these boxes is the evidence.

#32 - Cornfield - 12:26
When reaching the cornfield stay on main path. There are two caravans. Between the caravans are some boxes and on one of these boxes is the evidence.
Skurky's Law#33 - Courthouse - 12:59
From where the level starts turn around immediately and go into the room that has a sculpture in the center. Keep going left and into the Security Room. Here you will find the evidence on a table.

Easier to see if Skurky's Law is on its own line and bolded. At first, I thought there were a ton of evidence to get in Attack of the Saints.

Great guide. I LOVE text guides. Can't be bothered to pause, rewind, fastforward through vids.
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