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High Maintenance 75

In Die Rise, be the architect of their instruction.

This easter egg will probably take a couple of attempt to achieve so be prepared. Below is Richtofen's Guide. Maxis' path is much harder.

The basic items currently needed:
  • Sliquifier
  • Sniper Rifle (Any)
  • Power (on)
  • 4 Players

Step 1: The Power
Turn on the power. You can not begin until this has been done.

Step 2: Tiles
There are several tiles in elevators all over die rise. locate the 4 (one per elevator) and stand on it at the same time. This should light them up.

Now you must look for 3 other tiles on the floor. There are several locations for these so look around. They must be activated in a specific order.

Step 3: The Sniper and the Balls
-So we have all heard of these magic balls and we are like "How do we shoot em down?" Well, you probably had the wrong step. First, one must get a sniper rifle (the SDV is best but it doesnt matter). Then, since step 2 should be complete, you can now shoot the orbs (best place to shoot from is spawn IMO). This will cause them to disappear and reappear at the starting room under the feet of the Lions. Then audio can be heard.

Step 4: The Sliquifier
-What is an easter egg without some Wonder Weapons to liven things up! You grab the sliquifier and take it back to spawn. Use it on the balls under the lions paw until they spin. Richtofen will then be pleased and will speak.

Step 5: Lion Tiles on the Floor
-There are 4 lion tiles scattered in a few places. Find all of them and have them facing the spire. Launch zombies continually into the tower using the Steam Flingers. After a while, the "Blood sacrifice" will suffice and some more sparks will appear on richtofens dragon.

Step 6 FINALE!: The Galvaknuckles
-So Basically one must buy the galvaknuckles and use them on the tower. There are your blue edges that need to be knifed so as to power the spire. Knife them each a few times and the spire will illuminate power! CONGRATS! Richtofen is pleased! High maintenance is now unlocked ....Except it isnt as easy as randomly hitting it. They must be hit in a certain order. Hidden on the map are several mahjong tiles. Each one represents one pole of the tower.

Hint: The dragons tails will light up signaling the progression of Richtofen or Maxis side of the easter egg; The navcard table can be built but the actual reason for it is still unknown.


Vertigoner 10

In Die Rise, fling 10 zombies in one game.

Not too difficult. It can be done by round 3. You will need to four different components to craft the Trample Steam. You can position yourself in the room where you craft the Trample Steam and have it facing one of the doorways. You should get the achievement in one or two rounds max.

Two parts will always be in the starting area. The other two will be scattered around the spawn building and around the PDW area. Often times up the escalators.
  • Flag Pole
  • Bellow
  • Metal Frame
  • Battery

Here is an easy guide to follow for the locations.

Mad Without Power 30

In Die Rise, reach round 10 before turning on the power.

Fairly self explanatory. Just don't turn on the power. You can either just hold out with 3 friends or find a good place to run a train of zombies. You can use the mystery box as that does not require power.

A good method is to buy the R870 Shotgun from the wall as it is a OHK up to around round 8 if you hit them directly in the chest or head AND build the Sliquifier (See Slippery When Undead). You can find a decent spot to run around in circles then just shoot a zombie. If you learn how to use the gun correctly you can kill 10+ zombies with one shot. Picking up the Perma-Perk Juggernaut works well too making you go down in 4 hits instead of 2. 6 if you buy Juggernog.

Another good strategy is to make your way towards the Galva Knuckles. They cost 6,000 posts but are a one hit kill until round 14 for both Zombies and Nova Crawlers. This means you should be able to get a free perk if you melee them all.
Shafted 35

In Die Rise, use Pack-a-Punch and all perk machines in one game.

The perks cost a Total of 18,000 Points Solo or 19,000 Points in Multiplayer. However, you can only buy 4 perk-a-colas at once. Killing the jumping nova zombies by melee and getting a perk that way won't count.

You can down yourself if you have quick revive (Solo) and then buy the two perks you are missing. You can do the same with Who's Who. You won't need Quick Revive to pick yourself up in Multiplayer because you will need to rely on the other players to pick you up.

Most Perk Machines tend to be in the elevators but the spawns are random for all except Quick Revive when playing solo as it is in the starting room.
  • Speed Cola - 2000 Points
  • Mule Kick - 4000 Points
  • Quick Revive - 500 Solo or 1500 Multiplayer
  • Who's Who - 2000 Points
  • Juggernog - 2500 Points
  • Double Tap - 2000 Points
  • Pack-a-Punch - 5000 Points

You may have also heard about PhD Flopper being in the game. The machine is there as an easter egg but there is no way of actually getting the perk.
Slippery When Undead 15

In Die Rise, kill 5 zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier.

You have to build the Sliquifer. There are four parts scattered around the power room. They do not require money to build but you will need 1750 points after entering the power room to find all of the parts.
  • Gas Canister - It is either directly next to where the Sliquifier is built in a cage, or directly next to the power switch on a table.
  • Boot Heel - Near the top of the staircase, next to the television. This part never moves.
  • Dish - It is either on the barrel next to where the debris was bought, or it is in the room upstairs with the showers and washing machines on a wooden stand.
  • Corkscrew - It is either in the power room on the tables by the elevators, or by the fridge near where you build the Sliquifier.

Once you have built it, get a group of zombies together and fire. It will make an acid pool on the ground and any zombies that get hit by it will explode. If those exploding zombies make another zombie explode then that counts too. Here is a video for the locations (they are random however).

Facing the Dragon 10

In Die Rise, face the dragon head-on before reaching round 2.

Don't worry, there's no secret boss. You just need to get to the roof and stare at the red dragon in the face on round 1. You need to open one door for 750 points. Keep a couple zombies alive just to prevent accidental killings. Here is a video to show the path.

I'm My Own Best Friend 10

In Die Rise, revive yourself.

Buy the Who's Who perk from the 1st building (maybe random spawn loactions) after turning on the power. When you get knocked down you become a Doppelgänger and you basically get turned into a different player. You can walk over to yourself on the ground and revive yourself.

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