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His post count is kind of crap too...
Not that mine is much better but at least most of my comments are with their character amount in tons of diamonds.

Anyways, yeah, my suggestion other than the one above, ignore them.

However, technically he is right it is a walkthrough, which is what we want. Not an achievement guide, which would be: Beat chapter 1, story related, unmissable. A useless thing to add a description about (even though so many people have put that on there), especially when the achievement's description tells them exactly what to do "beat X level". His whinging is technically correct, however he's just being a douche because he can be. But some people have to be that when online. Being a douche bag is the closest thing to a vag he'll ever get. So we should simply leave him be, he'll tucker himself out and his mother will tuck him in bed. It was probably past his bedtime when he made the comments anyways.
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