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Originally Posted by DavrosA View Post
Yeah im happy to derank- ill get it down to 21.

Want to concentrate on the lone wolves 'cheeves first (with a team should only take a couple of minutes), but also need some legendary and mythic ones as well. None seem really difficult, (other than the ghost vidmaster) just need to be in a team.

If you need a spare player I can do the vidmaster one.

p.s I just tried to load up multiplayer, and it says that I dont have the mythic DLC, even though I have achievements from mythic maps. In fact, the last achievement I got for H3 was 'zombie repeller' (kill 2 zombies on a mythic map). Am I missing something? Its been a while since I played H3.
the odst multiplayer disk had all the maps on it if you went from the odst disc to the halo 3 disc without buying any of the dlc then you dont have the maps or you could have just deleted the dlc without thinking about it
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