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Originally Posted by Mac Chickgun View Post
Uuuuuhhhhmmmm I guess? But if I didn't try it then my impression would be a little bit useless woudn't it? Maybe when I actually try it it's much different then I expected so yeah.....................pointless (same as this topic so far)

I do know something in this topic and that's that nobody cares and further I refer you to the 2nd post in this topic. Those things are facts and 1000 times better to read then impressions imo
It wouldn't be a useless impression just because you think it would be, I'm asking for feedback; not you. (Then again, judging by the quality of your previous posts... yeah, I agree with you on that. )

Right then, again- thanks for your time. Enjoy increasing your post count (or whatever it is you're doing) two useless posts at a time!

Opinions are meant to be respected, but also scrutinized.
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