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EDIT: doesnt mattter now, the game gave me it after 10 or so random boxing matches, but heres my stats if you wanna compare for the 100% when i started the random boxing matches...

im stumped. my completion percentage is at 99.03%.
Heres what I have done from the in game stats..

mission completed: 76
room trophies Unlocked 40/40
distance travelled on foot: 150.06 km
distance travelled on skateboard: 63.03km
distance travelled on bike: 131.61 km
distance travelled on go kart: 28.44km
distance travelled on moped: 4.08km
distance travelled on lawn mower: 4.13km
fire alarms pulled: 28
transistors collected: 6/6 (have also learnt the moves)
rubber bands: 75/75
G&G cards : 40/40
pumpkins: 27/27
tombstones: 19/19
clothing acquired: 344
sodas drunk 570
wheelies: 208
go kart races won: on the streets 4 and at the carnivals 6
all classes are done up to lvl 5. (have failed 17 classes in total)
paper routes completed 9
mowing completed: 13 (both locations are done at leat 5 times each)
detention: 2
bike races won: 17 (all races and go karts done again today to be sure)
boxing matches won: 6
all yearbook photos are done
at least 3 of each clique have been tagged
dodgeball wins: 4
keep-ups wins: 1
penalty shootouts won: 1
errands succeded: 45
arcade games high scores, consumo:1658, monkey fling 574, nut shots 88400
items bought using tickets: 14
high striker won: 33
baseball toss won: 2
shooting gallery won: 14
dunk tank won: 2
roller coaster rides: 2
octopus rides 2
ferris wheel rides: 2
fourtunes read: 1
I have the pirate hat so I think I beat him up already

If there is anything I have not done except for the 5 remaning errands is there anything at all left for me to do?
100,000 - 28/10/10. Apache Air Assault - Touchdown.
200,000 - 25/10/15. HALO 5: Guardians - Sentinels.
300,000 - Probably five years after the last one???

Most Proud 1000: Dead Space, The Saboteur, Life Is Strange,
Most Depressing 1000: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, NBA 2K17: The Prelude


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