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Originally Posted by DeadlySinz86 View Post
Personally I think it's a great little gun, good accuracy, good power, still not as powerful as the MSMC tho imo, but the range on it is pretty impressive for an SMG. The new maps are great too, there's always gonna be haters tho.
100% agree with you. Basically, if the M27 and PDW had some nasty, disgusting, and greasy gun-sex, the Peacekeeper would be the result.

Originally Posted by Spock View Post
Every time I die by it (which is every time I die in this fucking DLC cause Treyarch is dumb enough to release ONE weapon with it) it feels like I die from one shot, but when I use it, it takes at least 4. Sucks in my hands, fucking extremely good in others'. Lag maybe? Either way, it's annoying seeing the same gun over and over.

And then I heard some guy in a lobby say, "of course these noobs dropped my KD down" and I remembered I'm playing Call of Duty.
I played 4 games this morning on the new maps, all domination. Just as anticipated, one gigantic camp fest; Hydro being the worst. The amount of headglitch spots around B are awful. Every time I was able to sneak around the map and flank them, the entire team was either 1.) Headglitching behind the large power box on the little hill or 2.) Inside the building slightly above it.

To put the icing on the cake - received hatemail from a squeaker calling me a camper because I knifed him in the back at least 7 times.....all while he was headglitching at B. To make it even sweeter, his xbox motto was : STOP CAMPING. Gave me a great LoL to start my day.

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