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b7.jpgGamble King 2 15GG.png
Win 3 times in the pellet game against Francis

After your fight with the DomZ Sea Serpent early in the game you'll be able to explore the city of Hyllis. Go to the Pedestrian District and head to the Akuda Bar. On the ground floor it's a game of disk hockey against Francis. The game it's a sort of air hockey, where the goal is to get all your pellets over to the other side off the table. Francis can be a tough opponent, so I'd suggest doing the tutorial first to get a feel for the game. Win three times and you’ll unlock the achievement.

b9.jpg Kicking *** 15GG.png
Kill 10 Alpha Section guards

During your adventures, you will encounter Alpha Section guards, they start to show up during the Nutripils factory. The Alpha Section guards have poor eyesight but have good hearing; running and climbing in their presence will alert them. When an Alpha Section guard is not looking, run behind them and kick the green air tank on their back. They will run around in frenzy. Kick them again and send them flying to their doom. Simply do this 10 times in your playthrough and you will unlock the achievement. It is not recommended to do this attack in the presence of multiple guards, as they will easily overwhelm and kill you, even a single guard in direct combat will be a challenge as they have energy shields that blocks your attack.

Note: After you get the Gyrodisk launcher at the Nutripils factory, you can use the launcher to hit the guard’s gas tank at a distance. This is particular useful when there is more than one guard, as you can strike one guard at a time. You can also lure the guards to turn their back on you using the launcher, when you strike one guard he will run around, and the other guards will rush to his aid be trying to fix his gas tank, leaving themselves exposed to your kick/launcher.

b10.jpg Project Apollo 10GG.png
Pilot the Spaceship to the moon

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
You will discover the Beluga through an Mdisk given to you by Pey’j. You’ll have to buy various parts from the Mammago Garage, to get the ship up to fighting form. In order to fly to the moon you will have to buy a space engine witch costs 30 pearls. After purchasing it you will be able to fly the moon and unlock the achievement.

Note: Once you travel to the Moon and land, you will not be able to return to Hillys. You will either have to load an old save or restart the game to get anything you may have missed.

b11.jpgBeyond Good and Evil 40GG.png
Complete the game

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Fight and beat the final boss, watch the cutscenes, and as the credits begin, the achievement should unlock.

If you are going by the road map, this should be your last achievement to unlock.

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