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Polyarmory 30
In Diner Turned, get a kill with each primary weapon in a Public Match.

This is one of the hardest achievements I have found, unless you boost it. The only way to get it legit is to use the insta kill perk as the last pistol takes too long to kill zombies and because they run so fast, it's impossible to kill them. If you would like to boost it you do it as so:
  1. Find 3 other players in the Achievement Trading Thread
  2. Have one of you go into a a lobby and search for a game on diner turned.
  3. The others need to very quickly 'Join Session' which is done by clicking step 2 profile
  4. If done right you'll all get into the same lobby and you can all boost it, it will take some time to get this to work but it will eventually work.
As for how turned works, all you have to do is get a kill with every weapon in the cycle, much like gun game but if you get hit by a zombie you will get set back to the executioner if you turn into a human again. The list of weapons are:
  • Executioner
  • M1216
  • M27
  • Chicom
  • KAP-40
  • M1911
The others are pretty easy to get a kill, but getting a kill with the M1911 pistol is difficult because it takes so many bullets to kill the enemy players. If you get swarmed your basically dead, even if one of them runs up to you. There is no good camping spots either, but I advise you not to run around.

Monkey See, Monkey Doom 15
In Diner Turned, retrieve a chained Cymbal Monkey in a Public Match.

After killing a bunch of zombies consecutively, a cymbal monkey will randomly drop. You need to pick it up and throw it at a small group of zombies (Around 3 zombies). It will chain them together and kill them. Once they die, another white cymbal monkey (white glowing) will spawn, pick it up and the achievement will pop. Thanks to SIMPLYMIDGET for the info regarding this achievement.

I See Live People 20
In Diner Turned, kill the human while its decoy is in play in a Public Match.

When a player throws a Cymbal Monkey, this will create a decoy of the player where the monkey landed. All you have to do is kill the static image of the the player that threw it without them killing you. This will happen a lot in the turned games you play, so you will get this evetually. This achievement can also be boosted see the Achievement Trading Thread if you would like to boost the achievement.

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