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Originally Posted by Purple Hooter View Post
To put the icing on the cake - received hatemail from a squeaker calling me a camper because I knifed him in the back at least 7 times.....all while he was headglitching at B. To make it even sweeter, his xbox motto was : STOP CAMPING. Gave me a great LoL to start my day.
He was dead-on. I mean, there you were camping at full speed around the map using those OP camping perks like lightweight (camp faster) and extreme conditioning (camp longer) so you could camp up behind a head glitcher and snipe him at point-blank range with your sniper knife. Probably quick-scoped the knife thrust too. Grab some marshmallows next time.

Seriously, I hear screams of camper all the time but I am more of an ADD rusher/flanker who usually stops only to reload or let my screen "heal". I'm thinking "Camper? Dafuq?".

Back to OT: I'm enjoying the Peacekeeper. I'm interested to see how it handles with some if the later attachments. I'm not a fan of the iron sights. They seem a bit cluttered to me. I prefer a cleaner sight on SMGs. Looking forward to working this one to gold.
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