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Post Achievement Guide & Roadmap

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Kill The Noise
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Estimated achievement difficulty:
34 (1000 )
0 (0 )
Approximate amount of time to 1000:
Under 4 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed:
2 (Rookie Mode & Veteran Mode)
Number of missable achievements:
None (Mission Select)
Do cheat codes disable achievements?:
No Cheats
Does difficulty affect achievements?:
Glitchy achievements:
Unobtainable achievements:
Extra equipment needed?:


Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear is an on-rail shooter that is a sequel to Heavy Fire: Afghanistan which was released on the PS3, PC, and Wii, but not on the Xbox 360. The entire game is on-rails, so if youíre not interested in those kinds of games, look away now. However, if youíre interested in a game where you will be able to obtain the full 1000
in under five hours, keep reading!

The game will take two playthroughs, one on Rookie Mode, and then another on Veteran Mode which will be unlocked after completing Rookie Mode. Donít worry, though, as each mission can all be completed in less than 8 minutes! There are also some radios (collectibles) that you will need to find in some of the missions. Each radio will need to be found twice in each mission, once on Rookie and once on Veteran.

Most of the other miscellaneous achievements will unlock as you progress through the game, but a few might have you replay one of the missions in order to get them.

Step 1: Rookie Mode Playthrough + Collecting Radios

Alright, letís get into some on-rail action! There are a total of 12 missions that you will need to complete on each mode. 8 of the 12 missions will each have one radio that you will need to find. The missions that will not contain a radio in them are all of the missions where you are not in first-person (5, 8, 10, and 11). Please view the radio guide below for the location of each collectible.


Step 2: Veteran Mode Playthrough + Collecting More Radios

Veteran Mode will be unlocked after completing the Rookie Mode. You will need to collect all of the radios that you found in Rookie Mode all over again. Donít worry as they are in the exact location that they were in on Rookie Mode.

Veteran Mode is actually not too difficult; the only parts that you may have trouble with are the spots where you are in control of a turret and have to look each way to take everyone out. Luckily there are tons of checkpoints in each mission so you will not have to work your way up to the area you had died at.

Step 3: Miscellaneous Mop Up

If you have been following the Radio Guide while playing through the game, then you shouldn't have that many achievements left to unlock. If not, then you will have to replay the levels on each difficulty in order to find them. There is no tracker in the game that shows whether you've collected the radio in a specific level.


Overall this a very easy game to complete. You may struggle with some parts of each level, and will die a lot, but with the fast loading screen when you die just keep trying and you'll eventually get past it.

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