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Invincible - 25
Complete any mission without being hit.

This is almost impossible to unlock on any of the missions in first-person, so don’t stress yourself trying to do it on them.

You will easily get this on mission 11: Shattered Steal. You will be in control of a tank for the entire mission. Even if you get hit by
another tank and die, you will still be able to unlock it after you’ve restarted the checkpoint.

Good Eye - 15
Complete any mission with 50% accuracy or higher.

You should get this naturally by playing the game, but if you don’t, just replay the Prologue on the Rookie Mode. The AK will kill the enemies with only a shot or two, so you should have no problem getting 80% accuracy or better.

Local Hero - 15
Complete a level without causing any destruction.

This can easily be unlocked on the Prologue of the game. When going through the mission, make sure you do not shoot any boxes, flower vases, or any other pots like that. Also make sure you do not blow up the red barrel at the end of the level, and the vehicles that the heavy gunners are on.

Agile - 25
Perform a QTE perfectly in one level.

You should have no problem getting this on the Prologue of the game as there is only one QTE (Quick-Time-Event) in the level. If you miss it, don’t worry about it as there are plenty of missions ahead of you to try it on.

Ranger - 10
Score 250 total kills.

“Johnny R.”

War Hero - 25
Score 500 total kills.

“Johnny R.”

Johnny R. - 50
Score 1,000 total kills.

Pretty much story related as you will get well over 1,000 kills by the end of the game.

No Turning Back - 15
Complete the last mission on Veteran Mode without using checkpoints.

For this achievement you must finish the mission flawlessly without any deaths. Make sure you have most of your upgrades unlocked in the armory (Extra health, ammo, grenades, etc.) I would suggest using the LMG which is the last weapon that you're able to unlock.

The most difficult part during the mission is near the end where you will need to jump on the turret. There will be enemies coming from your left, middle, and right. There will also be two health pick-ups on your right and left.

Make sure you don't shoot the health pick-ups until after most of your health is already diminished. ONLY start to pick them up when your health is almost gone.

Good Aim - 30
Perform 50 total headshots.


Marksman - 90
Perform 100 total headshots.

You should get this naturally while progressing through the game. You will notice that you got a headshot by the +20 that is shown after killing an enemy.

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