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Waste - 65
Fire 25,000 rounds of ammunition.

You should be pretty close to this by the time you finish Veteran Mode. If you still need to fire out more rounds, simply select the LMG in your armory and spray away!

Another good way of burning through some rounds is to load up the mission 'Strait of Hormuz'. This is the mission where you will be in control of the jet and have to destroy enemy turrets on the ships. At the very beginning of the mission where you need to destroy the turrets on the first ship, simply destroy them but don't shoot at the other objects on the ship. The jet will sway back and forth, so aim your cross-hair up in the sky and fire away.

You can check your statistics on the Main Menu of the game by pressing .

Specialist - 15
Kill 500 enemies with an additional/special weapon.

These weapons consist of Turrets, Rocket Launchers, and other weapons that you are in control of throughout the game. You should have no problem unlocking this as you will use these in mostly every level of the game.

Simple & Efficient - 25
Kill 250 enemies with a pistol.

The Pistol will always be with you no matter what you change, and will have unlimited ammo. There is no way to actually switch to your sidearm when playing; it is only equipped when you run out of ammo.

If you still haven't unlocked this by the end of the game, enter your armory and reset all of your unlocked items (Only if you haven't unlocked extra ammo clips). Choose the first gun that you have unlocked and start up one of the missions. This way you can easily run out ammo in order to use your pistol more during the level. Just make sure you don't shoot any ammo bonuses so you can keep your pistol out.

Eagle Eye - 15
Achieve 100% sniper accuracy.

There will be two situations in the game where you must cover your allies with sniper support. The easiest level to unlock this on would be Level 7 - Gonapal Camp. During the middle of the level you will eventually come to a tower that overlooks a few other buildings. There will be several enemies ahead of you on the roof, and a few more to the left of the building. Take them out without missing a shot and the achievement will unlock.

If you happen to miss a shot, simply fire at one of your allies and the checkpoint will restart leaving you with another chance to unlock it.

Red Boom - 15
Destroy all red barrels in one level.

The easiest level to unlock this is the Prologue as there is only one red barrel. The barrel is located next to the truck at the end of the level.

Fragile World - 15
Destroy 200 total destructible objects.

See "Collateral Damage"

Collateral Damage - 25
Destroy 500 total destructible objects.

This should come naturally when working on completing the Veteran Mode. If you still haven't unlocked this by the time you finish, load up Level 5 - Lakari Village - The Guardian Above. Fire rockets near every building and you'll unlock this in no time.

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